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Friendship Story

January 6, 2009


Gambar di atas adalah semacam permainan tebak kata dari gambar. Maknanya bagus banget! Udah lama dapet puzzle ini (kalian mungkin pernah liat juga), tp skr sedang ingin posting mengenai friendship, jadi pas banget deh.

(Btw, everyone are welcome to translate the puzzle. It’s fun! Click at the above image to view it in larger format.😉 )

Our Friendship Story

Once upon a time, I was lonely
Looking for somebody who would be like me in every way
So that we had something in common to do and say.

Then I found you one day and said;
“You will be my forever friend”
You made me so happy, you brighten up my life
We got along so well and had lots of fun in our own stride…

And now I just can not imagine
what I would have done without you
You are so wonderful, funny and sweet
You are my dream-come-true.

So, dear friend,
Say you always be there
To share in my good and bad times
And to tell me ‘YOU CARE’.

And tonight, I really, really, feel blessed for having friends nearby. Thanks for cheering me up and make me feel so lucky to have you guys as my best friends.

*btw sop buntutnya tadi ada veritaserumnya ya. jadi keluar semuanya deh, huahahaha. thank you soooo much for listening.*



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  1. hmmmm it is so difficult to find out our best friend. it needs many year to found it but we can loose them in a second. so, keep them pals! susah nyari sahabat mah

  2. aku permalink

    hehe, “true best friend” tidak lekang oleh waktu Bu. km bs lost contact dg mereka bertahun-tahun, no phones, no sms, no news, no emails. tp begitu ketemu lagi… serasa gak pernah berpisah sedetik pun.🙂

    pokonya bener2 jauh di mata dekat di hati deeeeehhh…

  3. aw aw …

    jadi terharu baca komen teh martha … serasa gimana gitu … alah

    BTW met hari rabuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    @arai: syukurlah klo terharu.. emang itu tujuanku posting, bikin orang2 terharu, hahahaha

  4. rina permalink

    huahhahahha…veritaserrummm, gak tuh🙂
    I hope our friendship will be forever …….
    God Bless Us.

    @rina: wih tumben ninggalin komen, hehehe. bagus, bagus. yg laen juga dong komenin.😛

  5. met hari rabu t martha😀

  6. hmmmmmmmmmm……
    Mantapzzzzz tuh


    @goen: hey, thanks dah mampir. blog-mu gak bs dikomenin ya?

  7. jadi teringat sahabatku yang sudah tak berkabar berita.
    diamanakah dia kini..?
    mewek dulu…..

    @teteh: cari di friendster Teh… hehehe.. sapa tau ketemu

  8. hmm…. Is hard to find a best friend but is not as hard to look for a friend. After reading this, i feel like crying.

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